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6 Things New Parents Are Never Prepared For

Parenthood is a wild ride of emotions and feelings, and if you ask anyone who is a parent, odds are they would tell you that while they are glad to have that role, there are some things they were never really prepared for.  


They include:


  1. Lack of Sleep – While there are some babies that come home from the hospital all smile and giggles and decide to sleep through the night, that rarely happens. New parents are shocked at how little sleep they find time for, especially during the first few months the baby is at home.  Smart parents know to take a nap when the baby is napping!
  2. Chaos is the New Norm – No matter how many parenting books you read, you can never be prepared for the chaos that will enter into your home when you become a new parent.  It takes time to get a handle on the crying, feeding and keeping the new baby safe and happy.  Hang in there; you will get through it!
  3. Too Much Stuff – Between blankets, diapers, toys, swings, bouncy chairs, play mats and a host of other baby related equipment that has taken over your house, you will be lucky if you can find a chair to relax in.  You will quickly learn what you thought you needed is not necessarily so.
  4. Everything is Expensive – The cost of formula and diapers alone is enough to drive you towards the poor house.  Then add in food, clothes and doctor visits, and you will know just how expensive it can be to become a new parent.
  5. Taking too Many Photos…and Sharing on Social Media – How many times have you been on Facebook and noticed cute baby pictures?  And those same parents keep posting pictures of the baby doing everything?  You probably swore that you would never become like them.  But trust me, you have already crossed that line.  Take your pictures and enjoy them!  Just don’t share too many.
  6. Never Finding Time for Yourself – Gone are the days of sleeping late on the weekends, or even taking a leisurely bath.  When you become a new parent, you will quickly learn to grab a few minutes here and there to get things done for yourself.                                                                             By John Riddle 

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