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Southern mommas and big bows!

What's the saying? "The bigger the bow the more momma loves you" 


Just recently it hit me not every mom adds that giant (not to mention expensive) perfectly placed hair bow with their kids outfit. Yeah I know right? I thought everyone all over knew about big bows? Southern mommas can't really feel like that outfit is complete without that giant bow! 

There has actually been some research done on girls that wont keep their hair bows in vs the ones that do! Yes southern universities have researched girls that wear bows! 

It's no secret that little girls in the south are raised for the love of big hair styles and  that big bow that represents how much love her momma has for her! Rather it be a fancy night out, a sports game, or a casual grocery store run mommas throw that bow it and all of a sudden (BOOM) it looks like that spent 2 hours getting ready, not to mention it adds that over the top finished look to that beautiful little girl! haha! 

                          I mean who wears a swimsuit without a bow right?



       Oh and the monogrammed bows... that's going to need it's own blog! lol                     

                                                   Ballet Class! Why not?                                                     Hot tub! Yep!

So if you see that precious baby or little girl but can't see her darling face or her head is leaning trying to hold the bow up just know it's just a southern mommas way of showing how much she loves her precious daughter! 

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